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For in-company trainers


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Do you need sometimes to

  • design & deliver quick & excellent workshops?
  • help your organization: better communication, reduce stress, solve conflicts, improve team performance, ...?

Did you or your trainers ever wish to become a certified facilitator in DiSC®? More than 13 workshops available with ready to use material, questionnaires, profiles and videos.

Discovering is providing you with the best solution: becoming a certified DiSC® facilitator for your organization.

Advantages for your employees

  • Full range of profiles adapted to specific developmental needs: Self
  • development and knowledge, sales, service, team, leadership and management, conflict, etc
  • Standard and tailor made reports using narrative analysis for each report
  • Easy and time saving to fill in (max 20 min) using internet
  • Clear and multilingual reports

Advantages for you (or your internal trainers) as a facilitator

  • It's a fast (2 days) and easy certification process!
  • Full facilitator material provided (for 15 courses) on paper and electronically
  • Easy to custom the program with life files (Word & Powerpoint)
  • Manage profiles directly and independently through internet
  • Personalize the profiles reports with your company identity
  • Simple process using only e-mail addresses to create profiles

Download free sample profile DiSC Classic 2.0 pdf
Download the easy certification process for in-company trainers pdf

Easy: full material ‘ready to deliver’ is provided.
Fast: certified in 2 days only.
Reliable: DiSC® is a scientifically proven model with validation provided.
ROI Efficient: no fix fees, no royalties. Low investment, high return.

How much does it cost?
How does it happen?
I am interested, what do I need to do now?…

Your contact for more info on how to subscribe:

phone: +32 (0)2 679 51 61

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